Early in life my uncle suggested that I look into Graphic Design as a potential career. I had no idea what Graphic Design was but a seed was planted. In my teens I drew graffiti letters in a sketch book while listening to independent hip-hop music. Lately I have been seeing the spirit of graffiti mesh with the love of typography and it makes me feel at home. My love of letters continues.

I investigated what Graphic Design was at Los Angeles Trade Technical College and I learned how to use Adobe Illustrator. I became well trained on the production side of the trade and started taking ArtCenter night courses to learn more about typography. I became very engaged because I realized I could continue learning what Graphic Design was for a lifetime.

My favorite kinds of conversations are with friends and family about life experiences. There is something comforting about hearing others' experiences and realizing we all share similarities. It is a nice surprise when you take the time to hear about them, and learn something new about someone you have known for years.